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New station! GIGI’s Jukebox This station plays real jukebox songs, Country music, Rock music, All up tempo Rock & Roll The stations Country and Rock has been replaced by this new station. Music from those stations has been filtered out and placed on the new station.

Lovesong channel has been updated with new music The name and the pictures has also been changed. The app has been updated automatic To request song on GIGI’s Loveseat has also been set to quicker (lesser waiting time).

On request we have made a new show GIGI’s Request Hour.Each day from 1PM-2PM CET you are able to request songs from all our stations. There is no new station (not yet) but this works on the main station of GIGI FM, Select Request service > Request Hour.Make your requests this hour, there is no […]

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March 5, 2019

GIGI’s After Party New station added, GIGI FM Guilty pleasure and 90s dance has been replaced by this brand new station. Also to request song has been set to quicker play, (avg 2 minutes waiting time) As always the app is updated aswell 🙂

Here we go again with some great news! a new channel has been added! GIGI’s Beach Party, This station plays music from Latin, Summer,Party, and some other hot hits. The channels Summer, Latin,Party has been replaced by this hot station. Next update will be the lovesong channel! Stay tuned 🙂

At this moment there is a new channel GIGI’s Old cafe Music from 60’s 70’s & 80’s The solo channels 70’s and 80’s are replaced by this new station and we added 60’s More new stations will coming soon! Make sure your links are updated, (the app of GIGI FM is updated)

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January 5, 2019

More information can be found under Servers

We are working to bring GIGI FM to discord. The populair chat/voice server for gamers/streamers. When? Soon How? On the server section on our website there will be a help and a channel list. On discord you can get your GIGI FM bot to your server channel and listen 24/7 your station.Its possible to give […]

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