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GIGI FM – Discord

Want to bring GIGI FM in your Discord channel?
Now its possible!

Select the tab

Help section. How to

Before you start you need to give permissions to let GIGI FM bot join your channel.

This button will bring you to the website of discord.
asking for permission, Here you can select the server and the channel the bot has to join in.

Make sure the bot has READ rights on the channel the bot is in. (You can make a special room for the bot to put commands in)
In this room you will place bot commands.

If you like to have a now playing channel.

You need to contact us, and we bring another hidden bot in your channel wich is writing the now playing.

Give us the information of your channel (name) and wich radio station(s) you like to show on your channel.

For the now playing you need to have at least 20 members.

If you have any questions, Or you need help setup please contact us and we help you getting GIGI FM into your channel.

If you like to see the bot in action? You can join GIGI FM on discord to control the bot.

The request song command will be added soon. We are still working on it.

The bot commands

All bot commands starting with a “!”

eg, !help

  • !help – show help commands
  • !join – join a voice channel
  • !leave – leaves a voice channel
  • !play (number) plays the selected station, eg  !play 1 (This will play main station
  • !stop – stops the bot playing
  • !np – show what’s now playing
  • !vol (0-100) – set the music volume of the bot
  • !ignore – ignore commands of a channel
  • !unignore  – unignore commands of a channel

Channel selection

Channel list.

Select !play (channel) eg, !play 1 (this will play the main channel)

  • 1 – GIGI FM – Main